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Dome-Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet

Dome Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet - Hand Tied Bouquet - Flower Delivery
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Product Description

This dome-shaped bouquet is filled with timeless beauty and sheer opulence. Our dome-shaped pink rose bouquet makes the perfect bridal bouquet or gift for that very special someone in your life.


Comprising two dozen luxurious pink roses, meticulously hand-tied into a stunning dome shape, it's a floral creation that defies convention. 


These roses are more than just beautiful; they are a symbol of sustainability and ethical sourcing, as we carefully select them from sustainable farms. This is not just a luxury bouquet; it's an embodiment of elegance and conscientiousness.


Dome-Shaped Bouquet: Where Artistry Meets Nature


Two Dozen Luxury Pink Roses


At the heart of this masterpiece are the two dozen luxury pink roses, meticulously selected for their unparalleled beauty and delicacy. Pink roses, a timeless symbol of grace and admiration, take centre stage in this arrangement. 


Each rose, sourced only from sustainable farms, represents not just beauty but also our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability.


Hand-Tied Mastery:


Our skilled florists have poured their expertise and passion into crafting this bouquet. Each rose is carefully placed, creating a harmonious dome shape that is both captivating and exquisite. 


The hand-tied technique not only enhances the bouquet's aesthetic appeal but also ensures its longevity and freshness.




We understand the importance of ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. That's why we take pride in sourcing our rose stems exclusively from sustainable farms. When you choose our Dome-Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet, you're not just celebrating beauty; you're supporting a sustainable and responsible approach to floristry.


A Rose by Any Other Name


The Dome-Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet is a true representation of luxury beyond compare. Its opulent design and carefully curated roses make it the ideal choice for commemorating special moments, expressing love, or simply treating yourself or a loved one to a gift of elegance and beauty. It's a reminder that luxury can coexist with ethics.


Dome-Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet Details:


  • 3 Bouquet Sizes Available
  • 2 Delivery Options 
  • Sustainably Source
  • Hand Tied Luxury 

Flowers In Dome Shaped Pink Rose Bouquet:


  • Two dozen luxury pink roses

Due to seasonal availability of certain flowers and colours from time to time, we may use a substitution.
In cases like this, we will always use the best match with the stem pictured, and it will always be of equal or higher value to the one pictured.

In the rare case that no suitable substitution exists we will make contact with you to find an alternative solution.

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At Chelsea Florals, our dedication extends beyond providing an unparalleled luxury shopping experience to ensuring that you benefit from the most competitive prices. Should you discover any similar bouquets offered at a lower advertised price elsewhere, reach out to our team, and we guarantee an immediate price match.

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5 Days Happiness Guaranteed

Typically, the flowers in our arrangements last for about 5-7 days. If you encounter any problems, do email customer services [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected lifespan of the bouquet?

Typically, the flowers last for about 5-7 days.

How should I maintain this item?

We provide care recommendations with all floral arrangements to help the recipient get the most out of their flowers, this includes care guidance for individual stems, as well as general tips for your arrangement.

Will the flowers resemble the image?

We ship the bouquets in safe high quality packaging. This approach safeguards the delicate flowers during transportation, meaning your bouquet will require a day or two in water to fully blossom and resemble the picture.

What is the packaging like for the flowers?

The flowers will be enclosed in our branded cellophane for protection and then placed inside a cardboard box.

Will the flowers be submerged in water upon arrival?

Our flowers will be delivered with a hydration device known as a porto, a sponge that keeps them hydrated during transit. This is because using a vase or jug of water would likely lead to water damage during delivery. Make sure to trim the stems upon receipt and promptly place them in water.

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